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MAGIC FURNITURE Furniture that will why you should choose

light up the eyes of kids and adults!

QUALITY We use high quality materials, furniture foils, 2mm thick ABS edges, 12mm thick chipboard, and top of the line mechanisms in production of our furniture and furniture elements.

UNIQUENESS Bright and varied foil colours, unconventional handles, various designs that create a 3D effect.

DESIGN We use hidden hinges (excentre), thus there are no visible components. Timeless and modern appearance.

VARIABILITY The same cabinet can be used with drawers, door, or just shelves. 8 available colours and a variety of engraved designs provides the option to assemble a set according to your own imagination. Various sizes and types of cabinets, lockers, decorations, beds, bookcases... FUNCTIONALITY The furniture serves the needs of children, parents and teachers. It is designed for wide use in pre-schools and schools, but it can be also used to furnish a kids‘ room full of imagination. It can be used to store various objects, to show kids‘ artwork, for work or play... 3D EFFECT OF THE DESIGNS The mechanisms used in production create engraved designs that give each piece an appearance of depth and playfulness. SAFETY All doors are equipped with a silent closing mechanism, the drawers have a safety system against falling out, and cabinets and lockers come with floor protectors.

EXTENDED WARRANTY 5 year warranty on the entire Magic Furniture line.

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